Barrier Master - Gatekeeping Your Premises with our Turnstiles, Barrier Gate Systems, Access Control Systems, Audio Video Intercom, Public Address & security systems

Turnstiles & Speed Gates

Turnstiles or Barrier System is a mechanical baffle gate and often electronically controlled to regulate human traffic flow. It can be integrated with Security Systems like card access, biometric (fingerprint) reader, facial recognition system to authorize entry and track IN & OUT of a premise. Available in different constructed materials, designs & sizes.

Vehicle Barriers & System

Vehicle or car park system with a barrier arm. The interfacing system can range from long range RFID, Electronic Parking System (EPS), typical access control to ticket kiosk payment system. Customize payment system, parking lots availability, vehicle guidance and location trackers are available. It can be integrated with Security Systems like CCTV.

Bollards & Road Blockers

A short mechanical post extremely strong, rigid and typically to prevent any vehicle from entering an area whether all day long or during emergency. The post may be controlled manually or electronically to rise as and when required. This kind of road blocking system has tyres puncturing capability. It is one of the best preventive and safety Security Systems in the world.

B.M History

Factory is established in 2008 with quality control both in our factory and in Singapore. We have more than one decade of design and manufacturing experience in Turnstiles & Barrier Systems.
Our expertise enables us to render services as below:

  1. New design
  2. Customization
  3. Preferred paint & colours
  4. Preferred constructed materials
  5. Engineering to suit specific security requirements
  6. Integration with building control system, fire control system and security systems
  7. 24 hours response and technical support
Our factory is fully equipped with CNC machines, laser cutting machines, bending machines and welding machines. Our dedicated in-house delivery team ensures smooth process in sending out the finished products to our customers. We take pride in making our products and with absolute confident in its quality and reliability.